Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sadly and Slowly... Pages Turn

I've waited awhile to write this blog to promote my book, which is sadly and slowly moving off the shelves at Amazon. No worries, I didn't compile this collection, edit it, and work late at night to polish it up as much as I could, to make riches. I did it for the readership. To build an audience who would either appreciate what I've written, or hate it. I write because that's my voice, and my voice, whether heard or unheard, belongs to me. It will forever and always, as abrasive as it can be sometimes, be mine. It's unique like a snowflake falling to the ground, or fingerprints on some of the victims/characters I've written about. I hope that you who purchase the book, will identify, hate, love, or just abhor my ideals, or my style, but most of all I hope that everyone of you will spread the word, share the book with as many as you can, because someday, there just may be another, completely different book, more mature, attracting more to the light of my fiction, even though the light is muddled and often times dreary with a certain bleakness. Thanks to all of you who have supported my book, thanks to all of you who have read it, and thanks to all of you who share it with friends of common ground.

Blood, Dreams & Tears
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