Monday, February 1, 2016

Writer's Block & Fiction by Brent D. Seth

 Sorry fans? I began the previous story, Oh, X-Mas, something or another, with angst and not enough seasonal time to finish or material to continue posting. If you enjoyed it, sorry I had to do that to you. I know at least the ten of you reading this blog may have actually liked it, it just wasn't doing it for me. There will be more soon. On another note, there's some awesome fiction out there to get your hands on by a writer friend of mine, Brent D. Seth, it's always refreshing to read his stuff. He's a great writer, with a lot of talent, that is often unnoticed by future fans. He has a novel titled Short Fuse, which you can buy here, reasonably: Brent D. Seth's : Short Fuse or, and this is my favorite by Brent, because of my attention deficit, it's a collection of short stories, always quick, witty, dark, and fun to read, did I mention witty? This is a great collection to support him as well: Brent D. Seth's : Gladiolus tormentus . So click those links, buy, and read some great local fiction. Make sure to check back here often for some of my free sampler chapter-lets, and goodies. 


Tim Eagle

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